Google Do It Again With Customer Match

6th January 2019

Just as we thought AdWords couldn’t get any better it comes out with a new method for targeting customers. Yes, it’s forever changing & evolving. Exciting Times!

Google has added more fun and possibilities to its armoury by offering “Customer Match Targeting”, providing a different attack for advertisers. This allows advertisers to target a specific user audience by uploading a list of email addresses. Yep, in the footsteps of the hallowed Facebook. This then allows you to reach them on Search, Gmail or YouTube. From these email lists, advertisers can build campaigns and ads specifically designed to reach this audience. Advertisers can deliver different ads at various parts of their purchasing voyage as well as adjusting their bids for users. This all regardless of whether they are a new lead, an existing customer or a frequent buyer.

Oh, it gets even more exciting; Google will then match the demographics of this audience & match it to more of a similar audience. So your list of 1k customers can double in size to a list of 2k to present your latest offer to.

So why use Google Customer Match I hear you ask? Here’s a few examples:

  • UPSELL AND CROSSELL. Advertisers can drive purchases through upselling or crosselling to their current customers.
  • REIGNITE AN OLD FLAME. The new feature allows you to generate customer awareness in products based off of past purchases.
  • TARGET SHOPPING CART ABANDONERS. You can utilise customer data and then look to tailor messages through a marketing campaign to remind them of the purchase they were going to make.