Advertisers use paid search to drive relevant traffic to their website. Much care is taken in generating the perfect keyword list and the most engaging ads. But advertisers can’t stop there! Even if you have the most seamless paid search campaigns, there are still many things an advertiser must do to be successful. If you follow the six bullet points below, and have a A+ team managing your paid search campaigns, you’ll be sure to win in the online space.

  • Be competitive — if your competition is offering better services, products or pricing than you, you will have difficulty being successful.
  • Have promotions — offer a discount to those that visit your site, it will make searchers click your ad more often if they are getting deal.
  • Be different — have a good value proposition. Great service doesn’t cut it. If you were shopping for your service or product, what would make you click?
  • Stay consistent — if your customers click on your ad, and your website does not reflect the same promotions or value proposition, you will lose them.
  • Create an great landing page experience — an attractive well put together landing page will decrease your bounce rate, increase time on site and decrease the likelihood of the searcher moving on to the next search result.
  • Clear call to action — make it clear to the visitor what you want them to do. Should they call you, submit a form, or something else? Make it clear and make it easy to contact you.

And don’t forget, paid search is not something you turn on, try for a week and turn off if the result isn’t what you hoped for. Test, tweak, test, tweak and test again. Paid search can be a battle of attrition, but with the right elements in place, you will win.