Will Adwords Sky-Rocket Your Business To Reach Tim Peake?

Laura Moxham 6th January 2019

[VIDEO Training – Google Adwords Keyword Tool Planner & Keyword Spy]

Google Adwords Rocket

We’re often asked: “Where’s a good place to start with Google Adwords?” or “Is Google Adwords going to work for my business”?

So we thought we’d shoot a quick video to share with you a couple of  simple and free, yup FREE tools to help you tackle the baby steps and see if Adwords has the potential to sky rocket your business. And ALSO it’s going to tell you what your competition are doing with Adwords.

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is the first I walk through – this will give you a feel for how many people are searching for your service or product each month in Google within a given geographical area.  Keyword Spy is the other tool, this shows you what your competition are up to and if they’re advertising, what they cover in their ads.

Click on the image above to watch the video.

Any questions do get in touch at team@yourbusinessangels.co.uk

Still thinking about whether Adwords is right for your business?

Or if you’re doing Adwords already and feel you should be getting more return from it?  

If so click here and we’d happily do a review for your business to give you the answers rapidly.  We LOVE doing them and we don’t talk in any techie language so don’t be shy!