Our journey started in 2014…

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Let me share our story with you ….

I had a home computer support company – it was doing OK, but really needed a boost to new sales and enquiries. Having attended a marketing course, I had stumbled across ‘Google Ads’ and thought I’d give it a bash.

I rushed back to my office, set up my first campaign, implementing every thing I had learnt and from there on in … I was a woman possessed!

In the following six months, we attracted 108 new customers, adding £30,340 to our turnover, with a huge ROI of 220% – which is rare in our sector to say the least.

As you can imagine, this was a bit of a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

“If I can do this for my business, then maybe I can do this for other businesses”

From there, I invested heavily in my learning, travelled the world, attending programs and courses from some of the biggest marketing names in the world; I devoured book after book, course after course… and spent a solid six months of my life studying my new craft, day and night.

The aim was to be one of the top Google Ads Consultants in the UK. I soon realised that so many other businesses were still puzzled by Google Ads.

A lot of people dabbled – not sure what they were doing – and in turn, lost money because they had no process or strategy.

As a result, I launched my agency, that I called ‘Your Business Angels’ (now YBA PPC.)

Considering it’s a results-based business, I quickly learnt that many competitors aren’t transparent, purposely making it difficult for clients to evaluate their results.

This doesn’t sit well with me.

At the end of the day those things don’t matter. Instead we track everything down to the penny —exactly what keywords have made the phone or cash register ring. Without this, Google advertisers are flying blind.

Our ethos is to share real and measurable results. Our Google Ads strategy and management are some of the best across the world, to enable other businesses to rapidly grow — to double and even triple their turnover – through the world’s most advanced advertising platform.

I’d love to chat with you.

Laura Moxham

Founder, YBA PPC


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