Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

Digital Marketing Manager, Virtuoso

We have worked with YBA PPC for a number of years to generate leads and conversions from Google Ads. Each year we manage to push the bar higher and higher. The team are friendly, knowledgeable, and help you clearly understand how to improve your ROI on SEM spend. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Mark Nicholls

Managing Director, Forever Active

Our campaigns with YBA PPC have grown our sales significantly.

The energy, enthusiasm, advanced knowledge and application of Google Ads is spot on. We now treat YBA PPC as an integral part of our team. Return on Investment is critical for our business and they are 100% focused on this and continue to deliver exceptional results.

YBA has given us the confidence to spend far more with Google Ads.

Alastair Kendall

Managing Director, Little Gym Franchise - Wandsworth & Fulham

Laura and her team are Google Ads Ninjas! They know their stuff which is why we chose to partner with them to deliver ours . Since working with YBA we’ve had one of our biggest month’s in the Gym’s history!

I approached Laura to do an audit of our Google Ads account and to provide recommendations of improvement to help reduce spend and increase conversions. She was very easy to communicate with and understood our requirements exactly. She is very personable and I felt at ease with her immediately.

Ian Winsley

Managing Director, Selby Contract Flooring

I never knew that Google Ads could give you such clear tracking.  Laura and her team make it so simple to understand where every single penny has been spent, and they’re incredibly pro-active in using their expertise to help me to maximise my results — I’m blown away by them.

Stuart Miles

Owner, Smiles Centre Dental Clinic

I had been on many Google Ads courses and I was by no means a novice handling ours. But Laura and her team really know their stuff.

Within weeks my Google Ads bill was reduced by almost half and enquiries increased, within twelve months I saved more than £30,000. Just brilliant!

Laura Branch

Marketing Manager, Dizzy Ducks Day Nurseries

Smart people and great service.  They provide a massive impact to our business by generating a constant stream of leads and enquiries to our nurseries

David Garcia-Gonzalez

Managing Director, GoLocalise

From the outset, the attitude of YBA PPC has been first class. As has their ability to work and react both speedily and dynamically in conjunction with the demands of our fast paced business sector. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and true PPC gurus!

There are so many muppet agencies out there and I’ve worked with several of them. YBA PPC is a breath of fresh air, they approached our campaign from a business perspective and have already helped us dramatically reduce wastage and cost per conversion in a matter of months. They have successfully created landing pages, researched competitor’s keywords, and even created different size banners for our re-marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a dynamic and motivated team, that is YBA PPC! They are pro-active to offer suggestions, care to understand our industry and happy to work together with us to ensure we get, not the most amount of clicks and impressions, but more importantly targeted traffic that we can convert into clients.

I heartily recommend YBA PPC.

Heidi Blakeway

Director, The Fruitful Toolbox

I have genuinely been so impressed with you, your expertise and your service. Google Ads was new to me and a bit of a minefield, but now it’s so much clearer thanks to your clear and honest explanation.

Within 3 hours of the campaign starting I’d got my first new lead! Your Business Angels are a really switched on internet marketing company who think strategically and deliver professional results-driven campaigns.

Having previously had our Google AdWords fingers burnt — to the tune of £6,000 in one month and not 1 sales call — I was sure we’d never do Google AdWords again. However, through recommendation from a client, I spoke at length with Laura. It was clear she knows her stuff and it made sense why it hadn’t worked previously. She kicked off a campaign for us and leads were coming through like I had never dreamed! We are now in the process of growing the team and developing our business further.

Lucy Harvey

Marketing Co-Ordinator, Godfrey Laws

Working with YBA PPC has been a breeze.

They really know their stuff. Previously we were never able to see the leads from Google Ads but now we can and that’s invaluable to our business. They’ve reduced our ad spend massively and we’re getting more leads than ever before. Highly recommend them.

“We’ve doubled our turnover in the last year with big thanks to Your Business Angels. I now have visibility of the leads. We are receiving a big increase to both number and quality of leads”

Paul Pittock

Owner, Brilliant Decorators

Within the first 2 months of rebuilding my campaign, we needed to get 2 new staff to cope with the volume of leads. Conversions increased by 109% cost per lead decreased by 60%! The results from Charlotte and the team have been incredible.  We’re getting tonnes of leads and are super busy.

Alison Stewart

Director, Total Group International

15 minutes after Laura told me the campaign had gone live, I hardly had chance to brief the team before we got our first call! 5 minutes later, there’s a next day meeting booked and chance of a potential 3 site support contract! Unbelievable. I’m so excited for our business.

We were messing around with Google Ads before but didn’t know what was working.  It’s meant thousands to our business.  We’ve moved offices, we’ve taken on new sales staff.  YBA helped turn our business around.

Anna Wright & David Wright

Managing Directors, Paint Pots Nurseries

The majority of our nurseries now have waiting lists thanks to the leads and enquiries YBA generate for us.  Our monthly call with Charlotte and Kane explains what’s happening with our Google Ads.  Having been with YBA for over 18 months, we’re really pleased with the results.

Kris Theophanous

Managing Director, Bradbury Tracks

The difference we have seen has been fantastic — our cost per conversion has dropped dramatically.  We were wasting so much money.  They’re impressive — we feel we’re really being looked after.


Dr Dan Hines

Owner, Azure Dental

Before working with YBA I had absolutely no idea how much cash we were wasting on Google Ads.  They did a thorough Audit of our account which was a complete eye opener.

Now we’re enjoying a massive growth of leads and enquiries.

But what I really love is their transparency. We have proper strategy catch-ups calls, proper data and statistics — as well as having access to my dashboard giving me the numbers I need when I need them.

I never had all this with previous agencies.