David Garcia-Gonzalez

Managing Director, GoLocalise

29th January, 2021

From the outset, the attitude of YBA PPC has been first class. As has their ability to work and react both speedily and dynamically in conjunction with the demands of our fast paced business sector. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and true PPC gurus!

There are so many muppet agencies out there and I’ve worked with several of them. YBA PPC is a breath of fresh air, they approached our campaign from a business perspective and have already helped us dramatically reduce wastage and cost per conversion in a matter of months. They have successfully created landing pages, researched competitor’s keywords, and even created different size banners for our re-marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a dynamic and motivated team, that is YBA PPC! They are pro-active to offer suggestions, care to understand our industry and happy to work together with us to ensure we get, not the most amount of clicks and impressions, but more importantly targeted traffic that we can convert into clients.

I heartily recommend YBA PPC.