How world-wide credit insurance leader increased customer enquiries by 137%

How world-wide credit insurance leader increased customer enquiries by 137%


  • Increased lead volumes from 67 to 158
  • 36% increase in conversion rate
  • 7% reduction in cost per lead

……….. And more importantly supporting their growing sales team


Coface has been helping businesses trade with confidence since 1946. Uniquely positioned around the world, Coface is a global leader in credit insurance, information services and debt collection. Its innovative services provide a safety net against risky deals. Giving businesses the support and data they need to trader smarter, increase profits and keep cash flowing.


Working with the same agency for many years, the Google Ads account had become stagnant, lacking ideas and results.  They felt it was missing a cohesive partnership with their agency and wanted joined up thinking between their Google Ads with their growth plans.  They were not keen on the complex acronyms and confusing stats and graphs they had been used to receiving and wanted clearer visibility of the results.  Last on their requirements was an agency enjoyable to work with!

YBA knew it possessed a key differentiator from other agencies in its unique methodology for results and prides itself in providing transparent results, coupled with the ability to build a good relationship with its clients.

The Strategy

YBA reviewed their Google Ads account and highlighted the wasted ad spend and improvements required to improve their results.

We found your audit extremely insightful and more informative than what our old agency was doing. Everything was clearly presented, we came away with a better understanding of what we were/not doing, which was great.”

– Andrea Martin, Marketing Manager, Coface

YBA fully rebuilt their campaign to ensure they had a unique structure to produce the best possible lead generation for them.  Also included:

  • Budget planning across all services to ensure that ad spend is used effectively for each month.
  • Apply appropriate settings, including budgets, locations, demographics and bidding.
  • Extensive keyword research and covering new keywords in the account.
  • Setting up and running a new remarketing campaign in the account.
  • Drafting & uploading new Responsive Search Ads and Expanded Text Ads and utilising all available Ad Extensions.
  • Setting up accurate conversion tracking through GTM & Google Analytics.

Results with YBA

In the first 3 months of working with YBA, Coface’s expectations were exceeded:

  • 137% more enquiries
  • Increased leads from 67 to 158
  • 36% increase in conversion rate
  • 7% reduction in cost per lead

“YBA have helped us significantly with getting new leads in. We have become re-energised by the potential of Google Ads, and we’re very grateful. But it’s just the start! What you’ve done is shown us the significance of Google Ads to our business.  In fact, we’re going to stop doing printed advertising and concentrate more of our budget on digital.  

The main challenge we had was time and expertise.  We don’t have the manpower internally to sit there and focus on Google Ads.  YBA has done that in abundance.  That’s why we like to work with expert partners.  

Charlotte is a delight to work with — she’s been really, REALLY clear with explaining what’s going on.  

“Your dashboard is refreshing — you don’t bamboozle us with stuff that we don’t need!  It’s simple and intuitive and gives the data we need.” 

– Andrea Martin, Marketing Manager, Coface